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House Calls are BACK!!

They are not a thing of the past!



Doctors never stopped doing House Calls, the insurance companies stopped paying for them & the medical malpractice companies stopped insuring them. Subsequent to some of the Federal legislation put in place in response to COVID-19 many plans do allow for them today and many more allow them if they meet their requirements for medical necessity.

Dr. Sullivan’s staff can come to your home and not only video conference directly with Dr. Sullivan but do EKG, blood tests, Pulmonary Function Testing, and more!

If you would be more comfortable with a House Call in this day and age, or know someone else who might need one, or just getting out and about isn’t as easy as it used to be contact our office today at: or 

call the office at (914) 395-3691 and ask for Anna

Anna will explain the process and with your insurance information verify if your plan covers House Calls and review what a House Call might cost if it doesn’t.

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